Thursday, February 4, 2010

Balm of The Day

Today was one of those days where you go out and remind yourself that where you come from is pretty great.

Started the day with re-lacing my Hoffman Mountaineers. I think I am going to put up a video review of these boots because they do one hell of a job keeping your feet dry and toasty. You have the best of both worlds when it comes to Hoffman, The boot itself is manufactured in Kellogg Idaho and the felt liner is made in Canada. I have yet to find the manufacture.
The beavers in the Huron Natural Area have really taken over. However, I can't seem to catch the culprits of this fine sculpture in action.
A birch protrudes from the ice.
Just on The outskirts of Elmira. Signs such as these are a dime a dozen, each family design different from one another, in competition to attract the eyes of passers by. You can just about guarantee that Sunday sale is forbidden. I really wonder how many Martins there are in
Woolwich Township and the surrounding areas? The Hand Painted Old English style writing on this mailbox really caught my eye.With the heavy weathering to the limestone, I wonder if the families know whose who.
I quickly snapped this photo which was by far my favorite of the day. I didnt feel it to be approiate to stop and take an actual photo.
Something about the menonite way of life.... For a moment it seemed as if I were in a differnt time.
I want a log home....

The day ended with me crusing back through St. Jacobs. Although St. Jacobs is somewhat of a tourist trap. There is deffinetly a real true family business tradition evident.

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