Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pizza Slices

Ok so for most of you that know me, I am down with the pizza. I love it, not sure why but I have a huge passion for a good slice. So being from KW, there is not to much in the way of good pizza, compared to Toronto. There is however one place that surely stands out. PIZZA SLICES, sure I know its one hell of a straight up name but that's how I like my pizza.... NO FANCY SHIT( just the basics). Pizza Slices offers massive fresh slices on the regular at a fair price. They have great service and are quick to get you your zaaaaaaaaa. Because I have been somewhat blown away by their pizza, it is my duty to make sure they get the recognition they deserve in this day an age of big time pizza empires.... They Are located at 4281 King Street EastKitchener, ON N2P 2E9(519) 650-9994. Give them a call the next time you want a pizza made properly...........

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